Compliance and Analytics Suite


COMPASS, our flagship product is a suite of products designed to address the reporting and compliances, MIS and analytics for Indian banks with the competitive cost of the SaaS model, leveraging best-in-class business intelligence technology. COMPASS Suite goes beyond reporting and also provides powerful, business centric analytics with insights which can be used by management for strategic business decisions. Pinovus has teamed up with IBM to develop the Compliance and Analytics solution on the best in class COGNOS BI platform.

Compliance and Analytics Suite of products is offering regulatory compliance, MIS Reporting and Business Analytics solutions in different models like on-premise, SaaS (Software as a Service), etc. It can be leveraged across geographies, verticals and horizontals


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    US Regulatory Reporting package for the Federal Reserve

    COMPASS can be deployed as an enterprise wide framework and customized to the Bank environment with appropriate integration to the installed systems (e.g. Core Banking systems, Treasury systems, etc)

    The Framework only needs one cycle to put the mapping and automation logic in place for the mandated reports.  Subsequent quarterly effort is reduced from months to a couple of days. The framework also lowers costs, efforts and errors substantially. 

    Our partnership with IBM enables us to bundle COGNOS at an enterprise level with our COMPASS solution. A self contained solution with no additional software required. ​

    The Meta Data generated can also be a rich source for the bank to conduct in-depth analytics. ​

    Bank IT groups can be trained on COMPASS to enable them to generate reports, queries and dashboards required on an ongoing basis - on cloud based or on premise..

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    Readily available version for RRB and Indian banks

     Pinovus offers a reporting and analytics framework called COMPASS (details are available in following slides) which can be customized for bank on industry leading DW/BI technologies like COGNOS.

    Our partnership with IBM gives us access to very attractive pricing models for COGNOS at an enterprise level bundled with our COMPASS solution.

    COMPASS can be deployed as an enterprise wide framework which is customized to the Bank environment with appropriate integration to the installed systems (e.g Finacle, etc)

    It can be easily adapted to the reporting and analytics needs of banks relating to NPA, Fraud, regulatory reports for compliance, etc. ​

    The COMPASS framework can enable adhoc and flexible reporting and analytics on different channels including smartphones​

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    HR & Operations Analytics for Service Companies

    COMPASS can bring disparate data sources under one data warehouse for HR Analytics.

    Scheduled jobs will refresh data warehouse data on a pre-defined frequency without manual interventions.

    No more raising requests to get data from different systems

    COMPASS is dynamic and can provide real time snapshot of the organizational data

    COMPASS can provide various workflows like maker-checker

    COMPASS can be made available over mobile devices

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    CSR Reporting platform for NGOs and Corporates (CREST)

    CREST is a reporting tool leveraging the COMPASS framework which can be used by Corporates which are using a part of their funds for CSR activities related to skills training and empowerment.

    CREST can be used both by the corporates funding the Skills training activities and the NGOs/agencies carrying out the Skills training activities. The tool can be used to generate the reports used by the Government (Schedule 7) and also by the NGOs/Agencies for tracking the training activities and the benefits achieved which can then be reported back to the corporates providing the funding at whatever format and frequency desired by the stakeholders.

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    SaaS model of COMPASS for Microfinance companies {under development}

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    Fraud Analytics for Procurement {under development}


  • Interactive Reports with drill up/down features
  • Executive Dashboards with various levels of authorization
  • Platform agnostic data sources
  • Missing data capture
  • On premise and cloud Models
  • Multiple Report formats like Excel, PDF, XBRL


  • —COMPASS has been developed as a framework which can be leveraged for any new stakeholder with a very short turnaround time
  • —COMPASS is designed to partner with stakeholders like Scheduled Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Microfinance institutions, Co-operative banks, etc with varying focus areas of reporting and analytics
  • —The reporting and analytics framework can be deployed in different technologies, including the cloud,  based on the profile of the customer.
  • —Pinovus Consulting is open to different partnership models with customers  and channel partners including co-development and joint selling to other customers.
  • —Areas like NPA, Fraud, etc. can be delved into with more depth with the help of COMPASS as it can be set up for specific alerts and analytics dashboards based on the bank’s needs.